Rantings of an Insane Girl

{Wednesday, 15 October 2008}   Looking back…

So for those of you that are COMPLETELY BLIND, I’ve moved all of my old blog that didn’t have to do directly with website updates to my new blog.  I’m a packrat.  What can I say?  Well, because GoDaddy has a CRAPPY blog program I had to do all of it using Cut + Paste, so I had an opportunity to read some of my old entries.  I was such a disillusioned clod!  Robby was SO not my friend.  Richard was a total dick-weed.  No mention of Eric, except for the cat we got while I was living with him, where I also updated that I was going to California to see Curtis.  OMG, I was such a whore.  Roy was definately not a friend, he was an old friend’s little brother, and that ‘friend’ was a back-stabbing bitch.  Still haven’t heard from Curtis, and that’s been since summer of 2003.  But at least Jeremy is ok with my former whoring ways.  Well, he knows about them.  I don’t know about ‘ok’ with them.  But he doesn’t currently care about crap from my past where it doesn’t directly affect him.  Which is an odd thing to hear from a man, but then again he’s not human, so eh.  Anyway, just being somewhat reflective and existential again…


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