Rantings of an Insane Girl

{Tuesday, 4 November 2008}   The Elections

McCain has just conceeded.  Barack Obama is the next president of the United States of America.

When Katie Couric announced the CBS projections at just past 8:00pm, I cried.  I didn’t vote for Obama.  I didn’t vote for McCain either.  And yes, I did vote.  I didn’t cry because I was happy that Obama won.  I didn’t cry because I was sad that McCain lost.  I watched history.  It didn’t matter if Obama won, or if McCain won.  This presidential election was creating history with either a black president or a female vice-president and THAT was the important thing.

Voting a bi-racial man, an african-american bi-racial man into office is history.  This is our Vietnam.  This is our Tiananmen Square.  This is desegretation.  This is JFK’s Assasination.

In this moment, we have changed the face of history forever.  We have not only cracked the glass ceiling by voting in a non-traditional candidate, we have shattered it by voting in a colored man as the Commander in Chief.  Whether it will go well, and we have opened the door for many more non-traditional candidates for president and vice president, or it will go horribly wrong and we have sealed shut the door to non-traditional candidates for the near future, we have still created a historical moment for our generation.

This moment will go in textbooks worldwide, and will be recognized as a defining moment in our country.  How it will define us it yet to be determined, but it is a defining moment none-the-less.  The only regret this country should have is that the great leaders of previous generation are not here to see this great and changing moment that we have achieved.

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