Rantings of an Insane Girl

{Friday, 15 August 2008}   The lake, pizza and…dead bodies?!

Seriously, y’all.  Why does all the weird shit happen to me?  I came out to Electric City to see my boyfriend, and spend a little time with his youngest two kids before they go back to Tacoma for the year.  Totally great time.  I only hope that anything I birth comes out half as well behaved as J’s kids.  Side trip to Euphrata to hit Wally-World for Bug’s school supplies…fun stuff.  Got to hit the lake yesterday with J before he had to get to work.  SO glad I brought my swimming suit…it’s in the 100’s out here.  Dinner yesterday was from this totally cute new pizza place up here.  Decent pizza.  Crust could use some work, but the toppings are totally worth it, and it’s cheap.  Took one to J at work so he’d have something other than stew for once.  And then J wakes me up this morning when he got home (he’s so sweet), so he could let me know he wasn’t coming to bed right away.  Cause he had to wait for his dad.  The cop.  Cause his neighbor decided a .45 revolver sounded like a good breakfast cereal.  WTF?!
A) How did I not hear that?  Windows open, loud ass gun, Erin…totally passed the fuck out.  Good thing the house didn’t get robbed.
WHAT THE FUCK?!  There are like TWELVE people in this town and the NEIGHBOR eats his gun?
Oh, and better part…J, the wonderful criminal justice major that he is…didn’t think the scene looked kosher.  GREAT!  And not that I disagreed with him after he told me what he thought (god I read too many forensics journals), but damnit!  Why me?!

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